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Den 25. februar 2021

X-Yachts Xc 45
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  X-Yachts Xc 45  
X-Yachts Xc 45
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  X-Yachts Xc 45  
X-Yachts Xc 45
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  X-Yachts Xc 45  
X-Yachts Xc 45
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  X-Yachts Xc 45  
X-Yachts Xc 45
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  X-Yachts Xc 45  

The new Future Cruising Range from X-Yachts

Havne  •  The new Xc range will be an addition to the existing “Performance Cruising” range and aims to give some of the current X-Yachts owners and especially new clients an interesting alternative.
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The Xc 45 is the first in a completely new series
The new Xc 45 will be the first model from a completely new range dedicated to cruising.

X-Yachts will continue the development and production of the existing “Performance Cruiser” and “One Design” ranges. The new X-34 has recently been announced to be launched in August 2007 and the Performance range is planned to expand further in 2008.

Market studies
The decision to go into the cruising market was taken a few years ago. Since then we have made a careful study of the market.

It became clear, that X-Yachts should be a natural contender for the high quality, exclusive cruising market and combine the best from both the Northern European and Southern European boatbuilding cultures.

How should such a cruiser then differ from the existing cruisers in the market?

A. Sailing qualities
Being an X-Yachts product, the new range should have the best possible sailing qualities, which not necessarily mean the fastest boat speed under all conditions, but mirrors X-Yachts Design Group’s determination and understanding of this market.

A superb cruiser, targeted towards the long distance cruising market, contains more and heavier equipment than a cruiser mainly targeted for coastal sailing. This means: increased tank volumes, diesel generator, watermaker, large fridges, heavy oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine, powered winches, serious anchor equipment, bow thruster, entertainment system, various communication systems, furlers to handle sails and, finally, and consequently a larger engine to be able to push it all in comfort.

A deeper hull shape, with V sections forward of the keel, will ensure a smoother upwind sailing: under sail, under engine, or a combination of both.

B. Easy handling
The cruiser shall be easy to handle, due to a comprehensive standard specification. This includes: retractable bow thruster, 3-blade folding propeller, all winches electrical operated and an efficient deck layout integrating “deck recessed” halyards and sheets led back to their handling winches. A customized mast and rig including discontinued rod rigging and hydraulic powered backstay tension.

C. Comfortable interior
The interior of the Xc 45 will be either a two-cabin version with a “work station” cabin allowing very easy access to the yacht’s machinery, or a more conventional 3-cabin layout.

To offer extra day light into the cabins, the Xc 45 will have plenty of openable coach roof port lights as well as deck hatches to ensure optimum ventilation.

The main cabin will be offered in two alternative versions, one to include a shower compartment adjacent to the aft head, and another to include a dedicated navigation station.

D. Extensive standard specification
Exactly as the big car manufactures are doing, X-Yachts has chosen to make the yacht’s standard specification very extensive. This allows us to offer a high level of quality as we are able to carry out an “in depth” study of the complexity of the installations.

E. Extras integrated in the design
Optional extras such as: liferaft, MOB module, windshield and bemini are well integrated in the design and ads to the styling of the Xc 45.

The bathing platform is designed as a "fold down" transom port while the aft deck is lowered to allow easy passage from the large cockpit.

Launch and delivery
Work on the Xc 45 has been underway in the X-Yachts Design Group for more than eight months.

The development of models and moulds, and other production tooling, has begun. Hull No 1 will take the water during winter 2007/2008. This will be followed by a thorough testing, so that the series production can begin in the middle of 2008.

Please feel free to contact your local dealer or X-Yachts in Denmark for further information. dot

  •  Den 19-12-2007
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